Lavan Family Chiropractic
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Our office uses many adjustment techniques ranging from low-force high-velocity manual manipulation to an assisted hand-held instrumentation. The technique chosen is dependent on individual's needs.
We also offer food sensitivity, allergen and emotion stressor testing. By utilizing the body's response system, we may be able to help rebalance your meridian for better energy flow. 
To compliment your treatment care, we provide various therapeutic modalities (electrical muscle stimulation, ultrasound, cryotherapy/thermatherapy, muscle taping) to help speed up recovery time. As an added service, we have spinal disc decompression for patients who have spinal disc issues, like herniated or bulging disc and spinal stenosis.
Through different testings, we could help find any vitamins and minerals deficiencies your body may be experiencing. We may help restore its level to optimal functioning with the right dosing and combination with nutritional supplements. Visit our supplement store.